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Information about the concept of the courses

CEPH courses

This European-level course will provide all the necessary knowledge to complete the "Certified passive House Designer" exam, developed by the Passive House Institute, Darmstadt.

On passing this exam you’ll get a certificate and will join a team of experienced and qualified Passive House designers in Europe. You will also be registered in the database of Passive House Designers.

This certificate provides potential investors or housing companies with the security that the selected designer has the required Passive House qualifications.

Trainer workshops

The workshop is designed for training providers and their trainers who would like to make use of the 'Certified Passive House Designer' training material.

With the present offer you have the opportunity to acquire training skills in the context of the 'Certified Passive House Designer' course. The prerequisite for this workshop are a very good knowledge both of the Passive House subject and of the 'Certified Passive House Designer' course contents.