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Welcome to the "Certified European Passive House Designer" project (CEPH)

All over Europe interest in Passive Houses has risen sharply in recent years and the "Passive House Standard" has now become widely known amongst stakeholders in the construction sector.

Why become a Certified Passive House Designer?

It is well known that new buildings can be designed with much less consumption as buildings which were designed in a conventional mode. Much more than 10,000 Passive Houses have been already built all over Europe. These are buildings, whose heating energy requirement is about one-tenth of the energy compared to the average building stock...

Specific Objectives

The European Commission has decided to boost Passive House development significantly. But real market development will only happen when sufficient numbers of architects and engineers are available across Europe with the in-depth knowledge which allows them to cope with the specific challenges of Passive House design and implementation.

There is now an opportunity for qualified people to learn the fundamentals of planning and building cost-efficient Passive Houses through an intensive training course leading to the qualification "Certified Passive House Designer".

Learn more on how to participate in our classes or how to become a trainer or contractor for the seminar program.