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Main output and result of the project

  • Development of the first 10-day-training-course for Passive House design
  • Optimization of the course design after feedback from the pilot courses in view of providing a comprehensive set of training materials for 9 European countries. The course material will be translated into seven languages (English, French, Italian, Danish, Czech, and the main part into Slovakian and into Dutch)
  • Implementation of the new training course in 9 European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, Great Britain and Netherlands). Participants will be awarded the certificate "Certified Passive House Designer" on passing the associated exam
  • Design and implementation of a "train the trainer" course to educate new trainers
  • Creation of a highly transparent certification procedure
  • Development and implementation of a strategy for the longterm sustainability of this certification scheme
  • Production of a strategy and actions to optimally spread awareness and interest in the new training courses and in the Passive House concept