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Why become a Certified Passive House Designer?

It is well known that new buildings can be designed with much less consumption as buildings which were designed in a conventional mode. Much more than 10,000 Passive Houses have been already built all over Europe. These are buildings, whose heating energy requirement is about one-tenth of the energy compared to the average building stock.

The quality requirements for the Passive House standard were compiled already quite some years ago and were published on the internet under free access. In addition, there have been developed several planning tools, such as the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP), which you can acquire at the Passive House Institute, Darmstadt.

However, these tools cannot replace careful designers and architects, but they will make their work much more easier. In addition, passive house designers need a profound understanding of the associated technical background.

How can you get the skills and can be certificated?

All designers and architects are able to acquire these skills, for example in a course for passive house designers. At the end of the course they have to pass a written exam.

The teaching contents can be found in the learning targets, details of the exam in the examination regulations.

The certificate is an indication for potential customers that the holder has acquired the knowledge and experience for successfully planning of Passive Houses.

To be found easily, each Certified Passive House Designer will be registered in the database of Certified Passive House Designers for a period of five years. Within this period of time, the certificate must be renewed by presenting at least one quality approved Passive House construction project.